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Statement on the death of George Floyd

Statement on the death of George Floyd | 100 Black Men of Sonoma County, Inc.

The 100 Black Men of Sonoma County Inc. (100 BMOSC) graciously honor and respect the constitutional, “…right of freedom of speech, or the press, or the right of the people peaceable to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievance.” The 100 BMOSC stand firmly in opposition of the unlawful destruction of public and private property.

The 100 Black Men of Sonoma County deplore and detest the senseless murder of Mr. George Floyd. Our hearts and prayers are extended to his family and friends. Mr. Floyd’s death by the cowardly members of the Minneapolis Police Department is a disgrace to the law enforcement profession. Unfortunately, a segment of our society view the women and men in law enforcement, who serve honorably as part of the  systemic problem. They were not responsible, but their uniforms are soiled with the unjustifiable and abusive conduct of the accused officers. However, we believe that the majority of law enforcement officers are good people and have the desire to help their local community. Law enforcement personnel receive extensive training before they are allowed to, “Work on the street”. Officers should be compelled by honor and trustworthiness to report misconduct, without fear of backlash. Many officers have complained of the ramifications of taking this action. They should be supported by leadership. 

Mr. Floyd’s demise is a continual reminder of the ugly underside of the enduring history of racism, as practice in the U.S. and directed specifically against the Black, Latin, and Native American communities. The circumstances around Mr. Floyd’s unjustifiable death was unmasked by video shown around the world. The video showed the practice of the ignoring complaints of mistreatment and disrespect towards people of color. Repeated incidents, whereby law enforcement reports clearly do not mirror the images captured on video, will continue to foster the public’s distrust of the law enforcement community.  

The death of Mr. Floyd has penetrated the subconscious of most American citizens and raised to a conscious level the hidden and ignored axiom, “Black Lives Matter”.  This statement does not mean other lives do not matter. Mr. Floyd’s spirit will forever be an historical marker in police brutality. The national protests sparked by his death, has resulted in meaningful examination of the physical, mental, and economic abuse of black and other minority communities. Hopefully, this is the moment in time whereby structural change, will be the byproduct of protracted national and international protests, specifically propelled by courageous multiracial young people. Collectively, they openly demonstrate their willingness and desire to finally confront the hidden presence of racism everywhere. 

The premise of this statement is to inform the residents of Sonoma County of the position of the 100 BMOSC. We stand ready to discuss the subject matter concerning the death of George Floyd and the underlying issue of racism in America. 

On behalf of the 100 Black Men of Sonoma County, to our local community, statewide, across the nation and abroad, please stay safe. Remember, we have not passed the era of COVID-19.

Best regards,

Arthur B. Chaney, President
100 Black Men of Sonoma County, Inc. 

As a society let us demonstrate positive synergy. Our strength is in our unity, the power of our knowledge, our collective life experiences, our willingness to share, and innate desire to help someone in need are  great qualities. We are more powerful moving forward together.

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