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National History of the 100 Black Men

National History of the 100 Black Men | 100 Black Men of Sonoma County, Inc.

At the peak of the Civil Rights Movement in New York during the early 1960s, a group of determined professional men, consisting of public officials, businessmen, lawyers, retailers, government personnel and others who were then known as One Hundred Men agreed to change their name to One Hundred Black Men. 

The hope was that through re-identification with our Black heritage and with collective effort, they could help chart the direction in human rights and improve the quality of life for Blacks and other minorities.  The original chapter, founded in New York City by J. Bruce Llewellyn in 1967, set an example to which all successive chapter aspire.

Now with more than 100 chapters and 10,000 members strong and still growing, 100 Black Men of America, Inc. remains committed to its founding mission: To improve the quality of life in African American communities by improving the educational, economic and social status of African Americans across the entire nation.  Dedicated members of 100 Black Men have mentored more than 125,000 youth across the nation. 

100 Black Men of America’s Four For The Future TM signature program areas are Mentoring, Education, Health & Wellness, Economic Empowerment. Leadership Empowerment serves as an overlay to the 100’s Four For the Future programs. 

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