| 100 Black Men of Sonoma County, Inc.

Message from the President

Members of the 100 Black Men of Sonoma County, Inc., all have an innate indwelling quality. That being the gift of giving of oneself. Willingness to reach out, extending an unselfish supportive hand to lift up our youth, the next generation. As we pay it forward for the next generation. We encourage the youth of today. When their time has arrived, we ask them to do the same, pay it forward.

One of the greatest elements at the core of communication is the ability to listen. Our members understand this important component. We are willing to listen to the youthful voices with an open mind. We clearly convey, we are sincerely interested in their goals and their needs. Members of the 100 share their life experiences to help motivate the next generation. The knowledge gained may provide clarity along the uncertain and foggy paths in life, provide hope and sunshine in their rainy day. We desire to open their minds, and shore up a desire to succeed.

We strive to cultivate a bond. A feeling of community letting our youth know they are not alone. Our helping hands are always welcoming and available for them. Our members understand, if only a few minutes of time is shared, coupled with words of wisdom and encouragement are powerful. Those moments may never be forgotten and help carry them forward for a lifetime.

Individually, our members have witnessed many sunsets in their respective journeys. Collectively, for the betterment of our youth and the community at large. Our members have a desire to help prepare the next generation for their journey. Our journeys intersect with our youth who demonstrate a willingness to listen and learn. Therefore, we are willing to share our knowledge and wisdom. Nurturing allows youth to continue to grow their inner strength and desire to succeed.

We affirm our words with actions, providing and supporting the foundation emphasizing academic achievement, positive self-Identity, life skills, social and emotional wellness, moral character development, high degree of work ethic and lifelong learning. Their success is our joy

Wishing them all the best,

Arthur B. Chaney, President
100 Black Men of Sonoma County, Inc.

Arthur B. Chaney | President 100 Black Men of Sonona County

Arthur B. Chaney